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Introducing salonspy.
Turn customer reviews into actionable insights.

Collating, managing and interpreting customer reviews can be messy.

Great client consultation & care is key to business growth. salonspy takes verified customer reviews into one simple dashboard. Here you can see what's really happening in your salon.

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Gather the insights that actually matter, like Academy Salons.

Aligning my review form with my own KPI's is genius - now I can hold each team member accountable.
Salv Mulè

Director, Academy Salons

Personalise your review form with your own unique question & monitor the results per team member.

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CampaignsTeam accountabilityCampaignsTeam accountabilityCampaignsTeam accountability

Spot opportunities for team training like TONI&GUY.

As a platform, salonspy helps us in individual team development plans for our staff.
Clare Slorach

Franchisee, TONI&GUY

Reviews are split up per team member so you can monitor staff performance.

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Show customers just how good you are, like Kirkham Hairdressing.

Clients have said that reviews on salonspy were the reason they chose our salon over local competitors.
John Kirkham

Director, Kirkham Hairdressing

Our local SEO strategy makes sure that your reviews are easy to find on Google.

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How it works

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We integrate with your existing salon software system to automatically request reviews from your clients via text message after completed appointments.


These reviews are then verified as 100% real and are stamped as verified.


Our team will moderate every single review before it is published to our site. We check it is relevant and family friendly. Negative reviews must be constructive.

Integrates with your existing salon software system

We're becoming the global voice of
industry leading salon experience.

We're progressing from a review platform to a data and insights powerhouse for the hair and beauty industry.

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