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  • Are reviews moderated?

    Yes. All reviews that are submitted are human-moderated by our in-house team before they're published and visible to the public.

  • Will my salon's reviews show up in search engines (i.e. Google)?

    Absolutely. Your salon's listing is fully optimised to show in Google, allowing potential clients in your area to find your reviews.

  • What happens if I get a negative review?

    Bad reviews unfortunately do happen. When receiving contructive feedback it is an opportunity to rectify and rescind the complaint. Salon Owners can use the Review Management Tools to respond to reviews whether good or bad. As an impartial feedback platform, salonspy does not allow the omission of negative reviews.

  • How are negative reviews moderated by salonspy?

    We have a careful code of ethics that ensures all reviews are family-friendly content with profanity stricly censored. We do not allow personal attacks and allow stylist/therapist's names to appear in negative reviews.

  • What if I think the review is fake?

    If you believe the review is fake, please use the 'Dispute' option within the review management tools. We will investigate this further.

  • Can I share the reviews on my social media?

    Yes, we encourage it. Each review can be shared to Facebook / Twitter from the salon control panel.

  • Can I respond to my reviews?

    Responding to reviews is a great way to show the world that you take client engagement seriously. We advise salons to respond to all reviews, good or bad, and address them each individually. A copy and paste response doesn't come across well.

  • Can I offer my clients an incentive to leave a positive review?

    No. You can encourage your clients to leave you feedback, but offering a reward for a positive review is against our fair practice policy.

  • How can I register my business on salonspy?

    Easy, click on this link and you can add your business which we will moderate and add to our database

  • Can I link the reviews to my own website?

    Yes. Within your control panel you will see a 'Widget' section. If you require a bespoke widget, please contact us for costs.

  • I use salon software, how do I integrate?

    salonspy integrates with most platforms. Visit the pricing page for more information.

  • Is salonspy available in my country?

    Possibly, it depends where you are located. It's best to get in touch and we can be a little more specific as we're currently planning to roll our platform out to other countries.

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