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Baba Beauty Lounge in Milton Keynes

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Worst services ever

Went there half an year ago but due to being pregnant, I had more important things to do up so couldn't be bothered with a review. Will however now review these guys everywhere. It was the most rubbish service I could pay for. The lady was telling me her personal problems while waxing me so she might got caught up in that so didn't realises she was getring stressed. And with that stress it came A LOT of pain!!! I have been dping these procedures for more than 15 years and NEVER had an issue but with Baba Beauty it was the most painful unpleasant experience ever. Not to mention she was waxing my moustache area and my chin as well. I mean, who does that??? If a customer ask for a moustache waxing(rather have it waxed than bleached) they want a moustache waxing NOT THE WHOLE MOUTH AREA!! The hair will grow back darker, stronger...yet the "specialist" seems to be unaware of how hair grows back. I went for my money back that time as I wasn't satisfied AT ALL! WILL NEVER AGAIN USE THEIR SERVICES and if you care about your skin and appearance you will think at leadt twice before going in.

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